The Wacky Rally

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Banger Rally 2015 - Welcome to the Wacky Rally! The home of Europe's favourite banger car rally. This year's banger rallies include 'Barmy to Barcelona', a fantastic rally taking in the amazing Swiss Alps, rolling hills of Italy and French Riviera finishing at the Spanish Catalan capital, and 'Rockin to Rimini', a rally charging across the Alps, Dolomites and the largest pass in Italy twice the height of Ben Nevis. - Prepare for an amazing experience when you enter the one and only Wacky Rally. Check out the blogs for past events.

The Wackiest Banger Rally

Are you looking to join a fun and challenging banger rally 2015? Wacky Rally is a banger rally like no other. People of all ages from all walks of life with a sense of adventure (and humour) come together and take on a fun and exciting challenge that is often for a worthy cause. Yes, there are prizes, and yes, there are accolades but more important than both, are the stories, the friends made, the memories, the beautiful roads, the tears of laughter, the tears of despair, the fun times and the challenging times. The Banger Rally has evolved into the Wacky Rally.

Quick Overview

The concept of a banger rally is simple, buy a car worth £300 or less, make it worthy of a wacky rally, i.e. use your noggin to make your car stand out. Drive to a distant city with other like minded people (fools never differ or brilliant minds think alike, we cant decide) and enjoy a well deserved party at the end.

Dont just read about it, be a part of it.


Latest Routes

Barmy to Barcelona 2015 - NOW FULL!

This a fantastic rally starts in northern France, before heading south to take in some high Swiss, French and Italian mountain passes. Then on to the French Rivera before finally finishing in the stylish Spanish city of Barcelona.

Rockin to Rimini 2015

This amazing banger rally takes you through 6 countries whilst taking in some stunning scenery including; the Swiss Alpes, the Italian Dolomites and possibly one of the largest sandy beaches you have ever seen.